Egyptian Hieroglyphics Recognition

Date 01/07/2021
Technology Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Keras, Python
Categories Research
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Project Goal

Recognize Egyptian hieroglyphics by comparing transliteration technique against neural machine translation analysis.

Combine history and technology to facilitate hieroglyphic translation and enhance digital humanities and Egyptologist studies using: Machine Learning and Neural Machine Translation. Prove that the computer can transliterate and translate Egyptian hieroglyphics from English to Glyphs and from Glyphs to English. A development of a neural machine translation and transliteration font from scratch is realizable. Gardiner codes can be used differently, as a base for computer translation and transliteration techniques, using each Gardiner glyph code with its equivalent English alphabet. The importance of this research is to show that the computer can translate hieroglyphics not only transliterates it, as there are no real translators now, this is where the novelty of this research arises. By creating a new NMT system using Gardiner word codes as a dictionary and a transliteration technique by creating a new hieroglyphic font using Gardiner alphabet codes. The purpose is notably to facilitate Egyptian hieroglyphics recognition and deciphering.